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TriFactor shares thoughts on effective ways to reduce costs, increase capacity and improve the accuracy of your distribution facility.

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Advanced Handling Systems (AHS) Changes Its Name

Advanced Handling Systems has changed its name to TriFactor.  Learn more about the meaning of TriFactor.

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Material Handling Articles

TriFactor has been featured in magazines and other publications related to the material handling industry.  Below you will find a list of some of the industry magazines that have included TriFactor recently.  The material handling articles published range from highlights about some of TriFactor's clients, to articles written by our in-house engineering staff of electrical, mechanical, industrial, and software engineers. 


Featuring Client Partners

Cousin Corporation is featured in a "Material Handling Management" article that features their new order picking system with the picking technology needed to make them compliant with Walmart's Advanced Shippers Notices (ASN) and labeling standards.

Exactech's new DC is featured in several trade publications for it's productivity gains as well as savings in energy costs.  Read about TriFactor's solution in Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, MHEDA Journal and Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

"Distribution Center Management's" article about how TriFactor performed a need analysis which helped Thies Distributing find the best layout for a new material handling system.

Tips & Information


The Five Most Common Mistakes When Planning a Distribution Center by Craig Bertorello helps  those who are planning a new distribution center avoid those costly mistakes.  This white paper has appeared in the following publications:

  • Material Handing Management (online)
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online)
  • Modern Distribution Management (online)
  • Tire Business Magazine
  • Distribution Center Management

How to Effectively Slot your Warehouse/DC was authored by Paul Hansen.  The product slotting process is one of the most important aspects associated with increasing the productivity of your picking staff.  This in depth discussion on slotting was featured in:

  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online)
  • National Provisioner
  • Material Handling Wholesaler
  • Industrial Distribution
  • Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery (online) 

Twelve Most Common Maintenance Mistakes is the very popular article.  Some of the publications that ran this article include the following:

Guidelines for Choosing a Conveyor System is Craig Bertorello's latest article that will help you pick the right conveyor for the task at hand.  You can check this white paper out in:

  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online)
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Distribution Management 

Material Handling Efficiency written by Greg Tuohy has 10 ways you can improve the efficiency of your operation.  This article was published in:

  • Material Handling Wholesaler (online)
  • Modern Material Handling (online)
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online)
  • Food Industry News 
  • Grocery HQ Magazine
  • Food Logistics

WCS / WMS: Taking Control of your Business written by JJ Phelan, PE explains the differences between a Warehouse Control System and a Warehouse Management System.  This white paper was featured in the following publications:

  • Material Handling Network (online)
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online)
  • Integrated Solutions for Retailers (online)

Seven Factor to Consider When Choosing an Order Picking System by Richard Gillespie address how to select the proper order picking technology.

  • Supply & Demand Executive (online)
  • Integrated Solutions for Retailers (online)
  • Industrial Distribution (online)

Which Rack Storage Systems are Right for You? by JJ Phelan P.E. is a review of the different types of rack solutions.

  • Material Handling Wholesaler (online)
  • Food Logistics

Considerations when Planning Palletizing Operations by Paul Hansen addresses when it is justifiable to consider a automatic or semi-automatic palletizing system.

  • Material Handling Wholesaler
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online)
  • Material Handling Network

Getting Ready for the Economic Recovery by JJ Phelan P.E., talks about positioning your company for the recovery.

  • Life Science Leader (online)
  • Material Handling Wholesaler
  • Material Handling Network
  • KPO Times
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online)

Innovative Material Handling Just What the Doctor Ordered When Distributing Healthcare Products by JJ Phelan P.E., talks about the unique demands assoiciated within the Healthcare Industry in distributing their products.

  • Healthcare Packaging (online)

About TriFactor and it’s employees

TriFactor was featured in the MHEDA Journal explaining the name change and the history of the company.