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Advanced Handling Systems (AHS) Changes Its Name

Advanced Handling Systems has changed its name to TriFactor.  Learn more about the meaning of TriFactor.

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TriFactor Articles

Articles in trade publications that Feature our Client Partners projects, TriFactor and articles written by TriFactor's staff.

ROI Considerations

In today's world every project should be evaluated for it's return on investment.  TriFactor has compiled a list of items that you might want to consider when justifying your project.

Return on Investment Calculator

Material handling systems, just like any other capital projects, must be financially justifiable in order to be beneficial to your company.  Enter details about the cost and expected financial beneficts of the material handling system design you are considering in order to make an educated decision on the project's return on investment. 

ROI Focus

Sign up to recieve the ROI Focus Newsletter, news and information on the subjects that are important to you.  We have posted our latest edition of our newsletter for your reading pleasure.

White Papers

TriFactor shares some thoughts on how to help reduce costs, increase capacity and improve the accuracy of your distribution facility.