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Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touchscreens for Material Handling Systems Controls

In order to effectively display and control automated material handling systems, TriFactor routinely utilizes Human Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreens at one or more locations near the conveyor system.  In doing so, a graphic visualization takes your operations management, control and optimization to a whole new level.  Our experienced software engineers use the HMI to connect to every device on the conveyor system, from photo-eyes to motor starters to scanning or labeling equipment.  With this ability, operators do not have to open and expose a large control cabinet, connect a laptop to the PLC and decipher PLC ladder logic.  Instead, system diagnosis and optimization is accomplished using a touchscreen in an intuitive and simple manner. 

In addition to the visual monitoring and material handling systems controls, HMIs can be used for real time alarms and data logging.  Therefore, operators are notified immediately if there is a problem in the system, including jams, misaligned photo-eyes, worn motors or related issues that cause system degradation.   With data logging, supervisors can conduct trend analysis on the devices being monitored in order to accurately understand failure rates and plan ahead so they are minimized.

As a result, the unifying principle of electrical control design techniques delivering usable products is that each recognizes the need to keep users at the center of the process.


Key Benefits of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touchscreens

  • Effectiveness - The product does what the users require, in a manner they need.
  • Efficiency - The user-friendly screens allow operators to learn quickly and carry out tasks with minimum expended effort or errors, resulting in improved productivity/effort ratios. 
  • Satisfaction – Jobs are more satisfying due to the easier process and ability to complete assigned tasks.
  • Intuitive - Fault and status information is available at the operator's fingertips.

Over the past 25 years, TriFactor has selected to innovate rather than replicate traditional material handling system delivery methods and services.  Our unique solution process is called the TriFactor Edge.  If you’re looking for an Edge on your competition, discover how TriFactor can make a difference with your material handling systems controls, call today at 1-800-507-4209.

For additional information on Product Slotting, Distribution Center Planning, Choosing a Conveyor System and related material handling issues visit the TriFactor Learning Center.