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Material Handling Case Study - Sheetz

Company Description

Sheetz is a family owned convenience store chain based in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Established in 1952 in Altoona, Pa., Sheetz operates more than 482 convenience stores throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina. It provides a menu of Made-To-Order (MTO) subs, sandwiches and salads, which are ordered through touch-screen order-point terminals.


Sheetz, TriFactor, Florida, North Carolina, Material Handling System, Conveyor, Stretch Wrappers, Pallet Racking

Sheetz original distribution center, located in Claysburg, Pa, is a high tech automated fulfillment center that serviced all of their 480+ stores in 6 states.  The facility boasts high speed cigarette case cutting, cigarette box tax stamping and sorting, pick/put to light technology, pick/put modules, conveyor systems, horizontal carousels,

Sheetz, TriFactor, Florida, North Carolina, Material Handling System, Conveyor,Carousels, Pick Modules

and many other material handling sub systems that keep the center at peak performance and replenishing their convenient stores with an extremely high degree of accuracy and speed. In addition, the Claysburg facility has a bakery and ready-to-eat production that provides high quality packaged foods for their stores, which requires timely delivery in order to maintain their high freshness quality standards.


A second distribution center located in Burlington, North Carolina for servicing the 150 to 180 stores located in Virginia, North Carolina, and any future stores south of Virginia was needed in order to maintain the same level of service that the Claysburg facility provided.  The charge of the new facility was to match the level of sophistication of the Claysburg facility to include the ability to provide baked foods and prepared meals, properly tax stamped cigarette boxes, and the typical convenient store foods, drinks, and other small items.


Sheetz, TriFactor, Florida, North Carolina, Material Handling System, Conveyor,Carousels, Pick Modules

Sheetz commissioned TriFactor to perform an in-depth Needs Analysis in order to determine the appropriate material handling requirements to include the proper storage system, conveyor system, and other unique technology needs for a convenient store distribution environment.  Upon completion of the Needs Analysis, TriFactor and Sheetz had enough of a functional design of the material handling system so much so that Sheetz worked with their architect to then design the building around the system.  Additionally, at completion of the Needs Analysis, TriFactor provided Sheetz with the appropriate project budget and timeline so that the proper planning could take place for the multiple project stakeholders.  Once the project was ready to implement, Sheetz turned to TriFactor. 

Sheetz, TriFactor, Florida, North Carolina, Material Handling System, Conveyor,Carousels, Pick Modules

Ground Breaking to Grand Opening took approximately 17 months. The material handling system provided by TriFactor included a 24V motorized driven roller conveyor system, tote sortation, put module, 3-level unit pick module, a cigarette pick module, cigarette box cutter system, high speed cigarette stamping and sortation system, corrugated waste compaction system, and an inline cigarette tote banding and wrapping system.  Additionally, the system is designed to accommodate future growth with another level on the cigarette module and additional diverts on the case/tote sorter feeding the put module.

Sheetz, TriFactor, Florida, North Carolina, Material Handling System, Conveyor,Carousels, Pick Modules


The project was completed on budget and schedule.  The go live date established well before ground breaking was achieved and the system passed a very aggressive acceptance testing schedule with minimal issues.  Sheetz was able to fulfill orders to their Virginia and North Carolina stores as planned and immediately provide them world class customer service and support.

System Summary

Sheetz, Inc.


TriFactor Provided:
Needs Analysis Concept Design & Budgeting
Detailed Design Engineering & Guaranteed Maximum Pricing
Equipment Selection and Procurement
Mechanical & Electrical Installation
Controls & WCS Integration
Operator and Maintenance Training


245,000 square feet


Facility Type:


Products Handled:
Convenient Store Products


Markets Served:
Company Owned Retail Convenient Stores


Products Utilized:
24VDC Motorized Driven Roller Conveyor
Tote Sorter & Put Module
3-Level Pick Module (Unit Picks)
2-Level Pick Module (Cigarette & Each Picks)
Corrugated Waste Conveyor
Corrugated Waste Compaction System
High Speed (90 cpm) Cigarette Carton Sorter
In-Line Tote Banding & Wrapping
Stretch Wrappers
Pallet Racking
In Plant Offices