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Material Handling Case Study - Eckler's Industries' Inc.

Company Description

Eckler’s started as a one-man body shop in Rock Island, IL in 1961. By 2002, Eckler’s had relocated to Titusville, FL and began diversifying beyond Corvette into new product lines including companies in Chevrolet restoration as well as the entire range of restoration for Ford products. Eckler’s has also become the largest source of restoration parts and accessories for Porsche and Mercedes vehicles.


Eckler’s headquarters is in Titusville, Florida, about 10 miles from Cape Kennedy Space Center and 45 miles east of Orlando. It consisted of 5 warehouses, including Athens, GA, Dearborn, MI, and Lockport, NY and is under the Baird Capital ownership. Their sales are primarily through catalog/e-commerce and they currently offer their customers approximately 90,000 SKUs. The combination of business acquisition resulting in multiple warehouses and revenue growth made the decision to consolidate operations to a single, well organized facility a simple one.

Ecklers Material Handling Case Study


The location and size of the new facility was already determined by the time TriFactor engaged Eckler for this project. Eckler’s simply handed over the keys to the car to TriFactor in forming a determination on the ideal, most cost effective material handling storage and picking solution. In doing so, TriFactor performed an in-depth product velocity analysis as well as a slotting analysis for all SKUs across Eckler’s multiple business units. Additionally, TriFactor analyzed Eckler’s order processing and fulfillment processes and documented a high level description of operation as well as process flow diagrams.


pallet racking, wire decking, steel shelving, zero pressure accumulation conveyors, ergonomic manifesting stations

As a result of the slotting analysis of all SKUs across all business units, TriFactor recommended a unit picking solution consisting of bin shelving and pallet racking.  Each of these storage solutions was broken down into the zones for each business unit with the appropriate type and quantity of storage slots as defined by the business units’ slotting analysis results.  Upon completion of the batch picking process, associates bring the picks to the packstations located near the shipping area and adjacent to the 24VDC motorized driven roller conveyor system.  Once the packages are packed and ready for shipment, they are transferred to the conveyor system which scans, tracks, and sorts the packages to the appropriate manifesting divert lane and prepared for consolidation and shipping.


The project provided Eckler with a consolidated distribution center with well-organized product flow as well as the ability to expand with future growth. The project was completed on time and allowed Eckler to receive operational and financial benefit of the new warehouse immediately.

System Summary

Eckler’sIndustries’ Inc.


TriFactor Provided:
Needs Analysis
Design Engineering
Material Handling Equipment
Mechanical & Electrical Installation
Software & Integration
Operator and Maintenance Training


175,000 Square Feet


Facility Type:


Products Handled:
Automotive Parts


Markets Served:
North America


Products Utilized:
Pallet Racking
Wire Decking
Industrial Steel Shelving
4VDC MDR Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor
Scanning & Sortation
Ergonomic Manifesting Stations
(2) In-Line Scales